Frédéric Barthe dirigeant d’On Air Consulting

Frederic founded On Air Consulting in 2021, on the “P.A.C.T." of personal values that have always animated him: Project management, Autonomy and Authenticity, Coherence, Transmission.

It is driven by these values that Frederic has managed Industrial Operations and complex Customer Programs for more than 20 years, thus forging healthy and lasting human relationships, in mutual respect and trust.

He naturally finds himlself in the words of Antoine de Saint Exupery: "The greatness of a profession is perhaps, above all, to unite men: it is only a true luxury, and it is that of human relations. ". He thus proposes, through On Air Consulting, to continue the relationships he has built with many companies since 2005.

The breeding ground for On Air Consulting developed in 2 phases. First of all by participating, from 1994 to 2004, in the exponential growth of the international leader in automotive safety Autoliv: Frederic held several management positions in the industrial sector, in particular methods, production and supply chain. There, he learned Lean Manufacturing, industrial innovation, project and operational management. Then by managing complex programs in the Airbus ecosystem of the aeronautics industry: after 3 years in charge of Airbus production units, Frederic was appointed in 2008 Director of Lean Manufacturing at Aerolia. He took responsibility for the transformation program of this newly incorporated company. In 2011, he moved to the United Arab Emirates as director of the Aerolia Services program, in charge of setting up a new aerostructure manufacturing company in Abu Dhabi. Back in France at the end of 2013, he led the business development of Aerolia's industrial services activities, until the merger with Sogerma in 2015 which gave birth to Stelia Aerospace. He then took responsibility for the Airbus A350 structural parts program. In 2017, he was promoted to director of Airbus parts programs. In 2018, Hexcel, the leader in aeronautical composite materials, recruited him as director of its Airbus programs.

Frédéric graduated as an engineer from the Institut Superieur de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace ISAE-SUPAERO (1989-1992), and trained as a Coach with Coach Academy (2020-2021).